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The Hart of the Matter

Because the Only Way Out is Through

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Healing at the Root of Our Suffering

When something is about to change -- we often feel the most lost.

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“He who learns must suffer. And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God.”


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Martha is a lovely soul. I have been on a healing path for many years. Her work is kind, intuitive and deeply healing. I highly recommend her as a coach and guide. She brings a beautiful blend of spiritual depth, and psychological skill to her work with others.

Martha is an indispensable guide on the path to personal breakthrough. Her deeply developed intuition gives her the capacity to navigate the depths of emotion and trauma while navigating through the tenderest aspects of deep transformational work. She honors both the client and their journey as a healing unfolds.

Judy F.

Leo A.

Martha masterfully tracks what I'm saying, and intuitively guides me to the heart of why I'm stuck. She helps me navigate layers deeper so I'm able to address the root of the obstruction. The result? A profound body-mind-heart shift in my understanding of how to live in a more sovereign way and turn my goals and dreams into my reality. It's rare to meet a person who's gifted on the intellectual level and also on the subtle energetic emotional level, and Martha is one of those people. She's helped me release decades-old pain and coping patterns — knowing exactly how to tenderly teach me to support my own healing and care for myself better.

Working with Martha has been an incredible healing and transformational experience. With impeccable care, she has helped me to recognize and track the root of my trauma. Trauma in the form of "old stories" that I am now able to release, finally stopping the loop of unhealthy patterns. Martha has gently guided me through the messy journey of reconnecting to myself, and always at a pace that I am comfortable with. Her intuitive and heart centered gifts are unparalleled, and I'm beyond grateful for her helping me to connect with mine.

Erin S.

Erin S.

Jen B.

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In my decade-long career as a lawyer, I’ve counseled thousands of clients who are dealing with inherited patterns, traumas, and dysfunctions that cause illness and pain. Abuse, neglect, sexual trauma, shame, religious wounding, money shadows, domination, and control. These spiritual inheritances revolve around the three main centers of suffering–sex, money, and power. I’ve helped courageous people face these wounds so they can finally begin to heal. Through my own healing process, I've discovered my spiritual gifts and continue to learn and develop through intense training and study with shamanic teachers, indigenous wisdom keepers, and modern psychotherapeutic tools. I'm committed to supporting others to connect with their inner healer so they can navigate life with more trust and joy, and bring their medicine forth in a world that desperately needs us all to become healers.

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