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Spiritual Counsel

Presence, Care, and Insight


Spiritual Counsel:

When life requires growth, it often comes through the shadow of the psyche--which can be scary--and miraculous--terrain. Having the care of someone who will walk with you and shed some light on your path can make the time in the crucible of change richer, more magical, and sometimes a little easier.

Preparation & Integration Support

Before and After Ceremony >


Preparation and Integration Support:

When you've accessed a liminal space in which new information, insights, awarenesses, and feelings have been revealed through a strange and mystical language, you may need the support of someone who can help you interpret and support you in bringing to life what was shown to you.

Help for Potent Times

When You Really Need
More Help >


Help for Potent Times:

Sometimes, we can feel flooded and overwhelmed with new spiritual awarenesses as we heal. If you're in a such challenging and potent spiritual place, get help from someone who can help you process your experiences safely and with ongoing care.

Family Conversation Facilitation

Help for Difficult
Conversations >


Family Conversation Facilitation:

If your family is stuck in power dynamics, hiding secrets, dealing with complex relationship patterns, you may find it helpful to bring in an outside facilitator and trained mediator to navigate difficult times. 

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